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The Application of Competence Based Curriculum Case Study of Physics

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cop-agsiThe subject of this paper is Application of Competence Based Curriculum (CBC); case study of Physics. In this paper, I focus on the possibility and opportunity teaching of physics at Senior High School, Rembang, Purbalingga, Central Java. I can break this paper down into six fields : Firstly, Background ; secondly, Definition of CBC; thirdly, The Objective of Physics; then Application CBC; and then we come to Obstacles ; Finally Solution.


On 1997, together with reformation was brought in this country, that is a lot of longing to make school reform.

Application of 1994 curriculum until today leave behind disappointed to many people who are active on education. In fact, there are several reason why CBC will bring up.

1. The last curriculum was centered in the subject matter learning.

2. CBC can anticipate the future problems.

3. CBC gives skilled to hold out on sustain life in complexity daily life.

4. CBC will come out intelligent alumnus and each will have competent

5. CBC gives to student basic of learning experience, knowledge, skill to develop society integrity.

6. On CBC, teachers will teaching subject matter easily to students caused experience their own.

At this point, however, CBC is prepared to service student how to know, how to learn and how to do, and also learn to live together.

Definition of Competence Based Curriculum

Competence is ability which have to possessed by student include affective domain, psychomotor domain and cognitive domain. According to ‘Puskur’ book, Competence, that’s meant implicate three important things, that is :

Firstly, competence as alumnus of the institutional.

Secondly, competence on subject in school.

Thirdly, there is no student failed.

Second thing as mention above usually named Basic Competence. Basic Competence of student has to minimal standard cover i.e. 75% on cognitive domain, 80% on effective domain, and 75% on psychomotor.

In fact, on decentralization era, every district has the power to developing their own good education. Central government only have several things about vital aspect on education i.e. act determining in standard competence, national standard curriculum, standard evaluation, standard academic calendar, etc. District government has the power to arrange developing of syllabus with its implementation.

There are nine components syllabus as follow :

1. Standard Competence.

In this case, competence which can appears certain subject, competence subject in school which owned by student, competence must be owned every alumnus on certain subject.

2. Basic Competence.

Minimal competence on certain subject which owned by student.

3. Matter of Subject.

Minimal matter of subject must be teaching for understood by student.

4. Explanation matter of subject.

5. Experience on study by student.

6. Time allocation

7. Reference.

8. Achievement Indicator.

9. Claim

The Objective of Physics

Purpose of Physics teaching in CBC has certain competence that must be owned by student. The purpose is competence on Physics concept both at school area and their house or society. Every student is hoped can make application for all science and his knowledge about physics to natural fenomena easily.

On CBC, education system hopping could change the bad culture to new culture, for example belief in believing in superstitions could changed to logical thinking, talk big or loudmouth speaking could changed to accurate speaking by data, etc.

All people want to create modern technology product, which based on strong laboratory learning in Physics, Chemistry, or Biology. Students at Senior High School are have opportunity to study hard in their youth age.

Application Competence Based Curriculum

In school society, there are four primary components which involved, i.e. :

1. Teachers

Every teacher have important role to application CBC at school. They are the front player in CBC game. Each teacher prepare all the instruments of education and teaching. They must learn the new curriculum, be ready to change their self, prepare the matter of subject with evaluation as new rule that have determined.

The same principle applies to senior teacher or junior teacher, government teacher or non government teacher. The headmaster must set an example for his teachers and students. The headmaster and teachers provide a model for the best attitude for the students.

At Senior High School, Rembang, Purbalingga, Central Java, has 40 teachers, including government teacher and non government teacher. One person who becomes the headmaster, and seven person who work as administration staff.

2. Students

Exactly, the purpose of every curriculum is good. Curriculum couldn’t applied without cooperation from student as a subject learning. The way of true study must be followed by student on CBC. Although no student failed, it doesn’t mean that student changed to lazy or spoiled. There is no student asking for affection like a child whimpering in his mother’s embrace.

Every student prepare by him self to receive competence which they learn, so useful for their growth up.

At Senior High School, Rembang, Purbalingga, Central Java, has fifteen parallel class which each class consist of 45 students, so there are 675 students.

3. Community

School community such of student’s parents, district officer, people who live around the school. They are involved to developing education system at school. Their responsibility is needed to keep building quality from the damaged. Their contribution such as attention, money, suggestion, etc still needed by the school.

4. Facility

Laboratory, class room, yard, communication, computer, sport tools, library, etc, hold important role in learning process. All the things must be took care in order to accelerate teaching-learning process.


The obstacles mention here are :

1. The school location which too far from center of district Purbalingga, so disturb the communication accelerate. All instruments of CBC that’s coming from center of district Purbalingga always too late.

2. It doesn’t every teacher prepare receive CBC in their ability and capability. There is a worry that a part of teachers who still do learning-teaching process with old ways. They don’t care CBC is coming.

3. Students don’t have habit to study hard and creativity. They just want to reach every thing easily with low motivation, no discipline and always throw their time.

4. The facility is insufficient and no increase significantly every year. Teaching-learning process go on with classic way : speech.


The ways to solving the problem are :

1. Increase the transportation and communication to central district.

2. The CBC must be socialized to teachers continuously from now. And increase academic degree for the teachers.

3. Increase discipline to students and motivate them to study more hard for their future.

4. Increase the facility learning, sports, library, etc.


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